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Adam GeraceI’m a social psychologist and writer. While completing my undergraduate and then PhD in psychology, I undertook a sub-major in television and film. All of that took about ten years. I guess it did take nearly that long to sell all of the copies for the initial print run of Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. But he is also the Father of Psychoanalysis. I spent much of my University time at (in equal measure) the campus tavern and the library, but I don’t recall fathering anything.

During all of this, I wrote a number of articles that appeared in various places on the web (Yes, Virginia, there was a Geocities… and there was a lot of WordArt). I also took the chance whenever I could to interview actors and singers and writers who were incredibly kind to me and generous with their time. Although some of these interviews did make their way to various places, I never collected them in one space. In the last few years, I’ve also done a handful more, but with a couple of big projects that I was working on, they stayed securely on my computer.

Here you’ll find interviews that are old, more recent, and entirely new. I also decided that I’d write on issues that interest me and, I hope, you. Given my background and current work as a researcher this will naturally involve social psychology. My actual job – the thing that puts gin on the table, but also ensures that much glassware is broken – involves examining how we take another person’s point of view. This is often called perspective taking or empathy. A very well-read and dear pal of mine (an actress I hope will be featured on this blog at a later time) took a cursory scan of a recent paper of mine and summed up my research area as, “Looks like an in depth deconstruction of getting along. Never enough of that sort of thing going around.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, really.


5 thoughts on “About Adam

  1. Adam,

    If I would have known you were a nerd, I would have impressed you with better language and given you my philosophy on “being a good friend” or “humans have to stick together” sort of don’t throw rocks, glass windows and all that stuff.

    I am so lucky to have met you through Gina. You’re a GEM!


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